The Biggest Knitting and Crocheting event in Holland

Rikka Horn

Estionian Knitting

Rikka Horn, born in Tallinn, Estland

‘As a child I came into contact with the versatility of handicrafts. The old traditions and techniques of that time have been honored and applied in Estonia up to the present.
The question ‘What can you do with wool’ has always intrigued me and continues to trigger me.

I think it is a beautiful natural product with which you can experiment endlessly. In my autonomous art I always look for ways to integrate wool. The oldest textile techniques such as knitting, spinning, painting with plants and wool felt have always been leading in my (sub) quest with wool, “but what else can I do …” During these days of expansion, I would like people to learn some traditional Estonian knitting techniques, as I learned them from my grandmother. ”

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As an artist her work is available on her website Horn-Vogel.

Rikka will be teaching again at the Zwolle Festival, program is yet not available.