Jule Kebelmann (Hey Mama Wolf)


Jule Kebelmann, the founder of Hey Mama Wolf, studied textile design in Berlin.
Since then she has been an independent entrepreneur working as a knitdesigner. Since 2008 she gives courses knitting and crocheting. The search for an ecologically produced yarn in Europe led her to the idea of ​​making one themselves. Jule lives with her husband and two children in the Prignitz (Germany).

Hey Mama Wolf produces handdyed regional yarns for knitting, crocheting and weaving. The wool comes from small shepherds from all over Germany, preferably from controlled organic cattle.
It has been washed with fiber and environmentally friendly soap only and spun in the Czech Republic. The resulting yarns are dyed by hand with dyeing and plant-colored extracts. The coloring plants are mostly from the Berlin/Brandenburg region and are grown organically.

‘For dyeing we develop and discover methods that reduce energy input and we do not use toxic additives that are often used in coloring with plant dyes. The dyeing process takes a little longer – it is not slow-food but slow-yarn.’

The Hey Mama Wolf yarns and packages are exclusively sold in the Netherlands by Cross & Woods. They will also be present at the Breidagen, in their booth a part will be reserved for Jule’s yarns. You will find Cross & Woods and Hey Mama Wolf on 20.

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