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Yedra Knits – Creative Colorwork

(deze workshop wordt in de Engelse taal gegeven)

Discover the art of dynamic colourwork and textural delights with renowned designer and instructor Soraya García. In this course, you’ll delve into slip-stitch knitting, exploring various captivating patterns and techniques. From mastering charts and symbols to creating stunning mosaic designs and lace-like tuck stitches, Soraya will guide you through every step, empowering you to unleash your creativity and craft unique, eye-catching projects.

Intermediate to advanced knitters comfortable with basic knitting techniques such as casting on, knitting, purling, and binding off.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Stranded Knitting Basics: Begin with a solid foundation in stranded knitting, understanding colour dominance, tension, and how to manage multiple yarns.
  • Mosaic: Explore advanced colourwork techniques such as mosaic, adding complexity and depth to your projects.
  • Creating Stunning Patterns: Learn how to read colourwork charts and design your own intricate patterns for garments, accessories, and more.
  • Troubleshooting Tips: Gain insights into common colourwork challenges and how to overcome them, ensuring your projects turn out beautifully.

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Date: Friday September 27th 2024 from 09:30-12:30 uur
Location: Workshopruimte 5
Language: English
Homework: No
What to bring:
– Knitting needles are appropriate for the chosen yarn weight, in this case DK with needles 4mm.
– DK weight yarn in various contrasting colours is used to practise slip-stitch knitting and create samples.
– Stitch markers and tapestry needles for weaving in ends.
– Notebook and pen for taking notes.

Max. participants: 12 
Price: Early bird pre sale € 42,50 excluding the entranceticket to visit the Festival (clik on ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below), to reserve a place in the workshop you can buy a Classticket in the ticketshop
Inclusief: A ‘Nederlandse Breidagen’ noteblock and a pen

Nederlandse Breidagen Nijkerk
27 & 28 september 2024