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Valerie Ng – Beyond the Beginner’s Palette: Stranded Colourwork Knitting 201

Valerie Ng – Beyond the Beginner’s Palette: Stranded Colourwork Knitting 201
(deze workshop wordt in de Engelse taal gegeven)

Stranded colourwork knitting allows us to add colours and intricate patterning to our knitting. From Fair Isle to Icelandic designs, and to modern multi-colour stranded colourwork, the versatile technique has been widely used to create visually interesting garments and accessories.

This intermediate colourwork knitting class builds upon the nitty-gritty of stranded colourwork knitting and highlights the tips and techniques that would help you tackle more complex, multi-colour colourwork projects.

The class also features a section on colour combination that does not rely on colour theory, but follows a more intuitive and practical approach to colour vision and perception. We will explore how you can put together a multi-colour palette which can either be used on any multi-colour knitting projects.
Do you have any specific questions about colourwork knitting? Bring them to the class so we can discuss them together!

Some of the topics to be covered in the lecture:
– Tools, Material, and Gauge
– Floats and Yarn Management
– Introduction to Yoke Design Customisation
– Getting Ready to Steek (cut your knitting)
– Stranding as a Design Element

There will be an in-class practice section accompanying the lecture for the following techniques:
– Jacquard Ladder Back
– Jogless Colourwork Knitting in the Round

Level: Advanced Beginners and Intermediate

This class is intended for those who have prior knowledge of stranded colourwork knitting and wish to fine-tune or troubleshoot their techniques. Participants should have attempted an accessory or a simple garment project prior to attending the class and be able to follow a colourwork chart. In addition, participants should be able to work in a small circumference comfortably in the preferred method of their own choosing (DPNs, Magic Loop etc.)
Homework and Material: Will be sent via email prior to the class

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Date: Saturday September 28th 2024 from 13:30-16:30 uur
Location: Workshopruimte 4
Language: Engels
Homework:Will be sent via email prior to the class
What to bring: None
Max. participants: 12 
Price: Early bird pre sale € 42,50 excluding the entranceticket to visit the Festival (clik on ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below), to reserve a place in the workshop you can buy a Classticket in the ticketshop
Inclusief: A ‘Nederlandse Breidagen’ noteblock and a pen

Nederlandse Breidagen Nijkerk
27 & 28 september 2024