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Terri Malcolmson

Young talent from Shetland

‘I am Terri Malcolmson and I am 22 years old from the Shetland Islands who loves using inspiration from people, places and things to create new colourways and shapes with knitwear. I use a Knitmaster knitting machine as well as hand knitting with the traditional Shetland knitting belt.

I am a Shetlander through and through who loves colour and traditional Shetland knitting. I have combined these to create my business and I am loving every minute.

Although I have designed a few, many of the Fair Isle patterns I use have direct links to Shetland or were designed by my grandmother (Wilma Malcolmson), however it is the colourwork I like to have the most fun. My colourways become very personal to me as they have been infused with my time and passion for what I do.

Currently I am designing, producing and teaching about knitwear so please explore each part of my website to find out even more about these.’

Terri’s classes and lecture are in English.

Feel free to visit her website.
Terri can be found also on Instagram and Facebook.

Her patterns are being sold on Ravelry.

Lecture – Being a young knitter in Shetland
Class – Creating Fair Isle Charts
Class – Traditional Shetland Fair Isle Crowns