Het leukste event voor breien en haken

Sidsel J. Høivik – Embroidery and Crochet Decoration on Wristwarmer

The Norwegian Sidsel J. Høivik is a well-known designer with a unique style. Her ‘kofte’ designs (vest/knitted jacket) in Fair Isle and with rich embroideries are very popular.

For this workshop the intention is to knit the wrist warmers on forehand, you will receive the pattern by e-mail. This is because there is not enough time to both knit and decorate in class, and so everyone starts at the same point.

The wrist warmers have a regular motif, which we use as a basis for the decoration. Decorations in embroidery and crocheted work are applied to this.
Sidsel will demonstrate different types of stitches for decorating on a regular motif, with double stitches, chain stitches, bouillon stitches and French buttons.
She will also demonstrate fairly simple crochet stitches to make edges and other decorations on the wrist warmers.

Foto: Anne Helene Gjelstad

Read all about Sidsel J. Høivik here.

Date: Thursday 10 May 2018 from 13:00 to 16:00 and Saturday 12 May 2018 from 10:00 to 13:00 (These classes are both sold out)
Location: Plaza (Thursday) and Workshopruimte 6 (Saturday)
Language: English
Homework: Yes, you will receive homework from Sidsel
What to bring: The wrist warmers of the homework to decorate. A small amount of yarn, preferably (almost) the same as the yarn they used for the wrist warmers.
A pair of scissors, a thick needle with a small round tip, and crochet hooks of about 2½-3½ mm. For the embroidery and crochet decorations, yarnshop Trollenwol is sponsoring a basket of different blends and structures wool, you can use the needes threads for the embroidery freely.
Max. number of participants: 12
Price Thursday 10 May 2018: Early bird presale € 49.00, please note, there is no market on Thursday so you do not need a admission ticket (click on “Buy ticket” below). For this day no checkout is possible at the venue, classtickets are only sold online.
Price Saturday 12 May 2018: 
Early bird presale € 59.00 including a dayticket to visit the event (click on ‘Buy your ticket’ below). The price at the checkout is € 69.00 including admission to the Festival.
Including: The pattern of the wrist warmers is sent as a homework (e-mail). The yarns used in the lesson for embroidering and crocheting of the decorations are made available by Trollenwol (see also ‘What to bring’). You receive the pattern of the embroidery in the lesson, no detailed handout is given, other than you receive in advance. A Dutch Knitting Festival notebook and a pen. During class we will be serving coffee or tea with some sweets.


Sidsel J. Høivik – Embroidery and Crochet Decoration on Wristwarmer

donderdag 10 mei

zaterdag 12 mei

€ 25.00 early bird price