The Biggest Knitting and Crocheting event in Holland

Nana Seijlhouwer

Naantje Knit

My name is Nana Seijlhouwer. On social media, you can find me as Naantje Knit, a nickname that I was assigned quickly fondly of my loved ones when my knitting addiction began to take off.

As I said I am pretty addicted to knitting. You will not find me quickly empty handed. I actually always have some knitting project on circular needles in my bag. Often that is lace kntting but also a variety of other techniques I like. I like to puzzle new cases. I like knits that look mega complex (and sometimes are). The sport is to describe good and explain that they are to be knit for almost everyone.

Workshop – Topdown & seamless, the basics (Part I)
Workshop – Topdown & seamless, masterclass (Part II)