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Meret Bützberger

Double Face Knitting

‘I am Meret and live with my family in a small village countryside in Switzerland, near Zurich. Even if I am already over the age of 40, I think I didn’t grow up, I love to make silly stuff with my son and hubby and this side of my personality has a big influence of my designs.

I started knitting as so many others, due to my Granny and the older Ladies in our neighborhood. Later we also had crafting in school, we learned knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery. But after school, I had no time for crafting, also no passion, other stuff was why more important, really addicted I became first 2003.
I am an autodidact and driven by a “shy” addiction to perfectionism, that’s why I started to double face knitting. You get a piece with two perfect sides, what else could I wish? As I didn’t like a few things like the cast on and bind off with both treads, I started to find other ways to do it.

I am holding several workshops during the year and for all who can’t join in, I wrote down now a eCourse full of videos and a Facebook-Support-Group.’

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Her patterns are for sale on Ravelry and visit the Butzeria website for great material.

As a special pattern Meret designed a doubleknitted cardigan for Trollenwol. This cardigan will be shown for the first time at the Festival, with the pattern release.
When Meret is not teaching a class (afternoon), you can find her at the booth of Trollenwol (mornings).

Class – Double Face Knitting for Beginners
Class – Double Face Knitting for Advanced