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Mara Maakt

Love for crochet

“Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
(Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland)

I discovered crochet a few years ago and since then a world has opened up for me. Always been busy making and trying lots of things but nothing could fascinate me as long as some yarn and a needle. There seems to be no end to all possibilities! That is what I love doing, researching what is possible and also possible with different materials and different techniques.

My love for crochet and the possibilities it offers, I have been trying to communicate over a number of years through the workshops that I teach. Not only the basics, but also the different techniques that you can apply. Crochethooks are so much more than just a stick and a fixed hook, although you can also make super cool things with only sticks and fasting ……

Mara gives the following workshop:
Irish Lace Crochet

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