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Johan Schneiders

Learning Addict

My name is Johan Schneiders: enthusiastic craftsman and yarn lover.

Already at a young age I learned to knit straight stitches from my mother, but it was only around the age of 12 that I also started to learn how to knit through YouTube and got caught up in the online handicraft world and everything around it.

The internet offers a wealth of craftsmanship knowledge and inspiration, so it didn’t take long before I had knitted test pieces with all kinds of different stitch patterns, errors and technical tricks. That was also the thing that fascinated me so much: the complete exploration of all possible technical details and how they influence the final result. Videos on YouTube and technical knitting blogs from America were my favorites and I learned a lot from – in my eyes – legends such as Eunny Jang and Staci Perry.

I had no patience for knitting a large project – read: scarf – and the test patches continued to pile up: garter stitch, increases, decreases, moss stitch, cables, fair isle, double knitting, intarsia, entrelac, mosaic, lace….. the shoe box became full.

In the following years the process repeated itself with crocheting, weaving, spinning, bobbin lace, sewing and tatting. I was still not done learning about knitting and, of course, I also had to go to school.

In the meantime, I am still not done learning, but I have the patience to complete large projects; designing and knitting my own sweaters is my favorite activity. In addition, I teach workshops at a couple of yarnstores and I enjoy working at the knitting festival, to make people enthusiastic about everything that has to do with yarn.

Masterclass: Colored cable knitting
Masterclass: Card Weaving