Het leukste event voor breien en haken

Evelien Verkerk – Visible repair, the trend of 2017!

In this workshop we will learn various stop and mesh techniques. You can use them to fix your knitwear. The nice thing is that you can use these techniques to decorate your knitting or purchased jersey. You have to understand how knitting works, for example, at least how to knit your own socks for this workshop. You should not be afraid of a bit of fiddling, but ultimately you can work just as fine or coarse as you want. After this workshop you will be no longer scared to fix a hole in your knitwear. It becomes a reason to make it something beautiful!

The following techniques are in the workshop discussed:
– Decorative by stopping
– By Stopping a small place in your knitting
– Stopping a hole
– Decorative mesh on a thin spot in your knitting
– The basic technique of knitting a small piece in extisting knitware

Evelien Verkerk is an expert in stop and mesh techniques. She also blogs about old knitting techniques and 19th century knitting books on her blog ‘Nederlands Gebreid’.
‘Nederlands Gebreid’ can also be followed on Facebook.

Date: saturday October 21, 2017 from 10:30 until 12:30 o’clock
Location: Suyderseezaal 4
Language:  Dutch
Homework: none
Bring along: nothing
Max. participants: 10
Price: early bird prè-sale € 25,00 (click on ‘Toegangskaart kopen’ below the photo), at the venue € 27,50, don’t forget to buy an entrance ticket for the Festival, this class is sold out
Including: coffee/tea, knitted practice cloth, yarns, worksheet with text, examples and patterns