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Christel Smallegange – Decorating tricks

This workshop will teach you to spruce up your knitting with a bit of crocheting and embroidering.

We will be crocheting decorative edges along the bound-off edge of the sample, and practice some embroidery stitches like the ‘French knot’ to create little roses, for instance. We will also be knitting a border onto the sample, and crocheting a decorative trim on it, in order to give you some ideas for the edge on a cardigan, for instance.

Explanation of the difficulty level: The workshop is suitable for intermediate (practised, level 3) to advanced (level 4) knitters and crocheters.

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Date: Saturday 4 May 2019 from 10:00 to 13:00
Location: Workshopruimte 3
Language: Dutch
Homework: Yes, a sample of about 10 x 10 cm, knitted in wool for a size 3/3.5 needle (see short description ‘knitting a sample’)
What to bring: The completed homework, size 2.5/3 crocheting needles, embroidering needle, size 3/3.5 knitting kneedle, scissors
Max. number of participants: 12
Prijs:  Early bird pre-sale € 35.00 including a dayticket to the Festival (click on ‘Buy your ticket’ below). The price at the register € 39.50 including entrance to the Festival.
Including: Scraps of wool for crocheting and embroidering, a handoutve mastered in our time together, a Festival notebook and a pen. During class we serve coffee or tea with something sweet.

Short description ‘knitting a sample’
Cast on about 30 stitches with a size 3/3.5 needle and wool that’s appropriate for that needle size. Make about 35 rows of stocking stitches back and forth. Then knit about 6 rows (= 3 garter stitches). Loosely bind off all stitches. Wash and block the sample or gently steam it so that it can lie flat, making it easier to work with during the workshop.

Christel Smallegange – Versiertrucs

zaterdag 4 mei

€ 35.00 inclusief dagticket