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Carla Meijsen – Presentation of the new book Magische Motieven

Magical Motifs

The new book by Carla Meijsen will be published during the Dutch Knitting Festival!

Magical Motifs are an arithmetical design method from Latvia for making geometrical motifs using magical and Vedic squares. The many possibilities for variation offer a good starting point
to be creative. It will be even more fun if you combine the motifs with other codings such as Morse and Braille with which you can hide messages in knitting.

It is certainly not difficult to learn Magic Motives. Experience for yourself how much fun it is to process secret messages in your knitting and give a personal touch to all your crafts. You can immediately start with the knitting patterns in which you can incorporate the motifs you make yourself as a secret message that gives deeper meaning to your knitting.

Be surprised and inspired by this innovative development in the knitting world and experience the magic of the Magic Motives!

Here you can read more about Carla Meijsen.

You can meet Carla at her booth at number 84.