Het leukste event voor breien en haken

Annemor Sundbø – The search for old treasures in Norwegian knitting

Annemor Sundbø is a specialist in everything to do with the Norwegian knitting tradition. Originally she was a weaving teacher but after weaving education disappeared in Norway she bought a rag factory in the early eighties, in southern Norway. The woolen sweaters, socks, mittens and hats disappeared in a big machine and were grinded to gray fibers.
Annemor realized that this was actually a sin. For example, they rescued Norwegian tons of knitting from the grinding machine.

The cultural heritage would like quilt stuffing have been given a second life, pretty durable but Annemor it became the source of focused study and now has written several books
about these treasures and set up the museum farm in Ose, Setesdal! So this knowledge is preserved for posterity.

Annemor will give a lecture about the change in her life, since she was the rag factory owner, near Kristiansand.
How tons of wool rags were found to contain a wealth of cultural heritage.
How the soul of many handcrafted pieces now lives by and in her books. How she studied at many art images in search of roots and tradition in motifs.
They put old patterns of clothing modern new to knitting, even in a jacket handpainted by Jopie Huisman.

Annemor gives this lecture only once on Saturday. There may be 50 people (full = full) will listen and watch for free.

Saturday, May 20, 2017 from 12:00 until 13:00 uur
Location: Workshopruimte 3
The entrance for the lectures is free, no need to register