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Roll up the Sheep

We are a Portuguese brand, passionate about wool and TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE.

Roll Up The Sheep was born in the family, from a hug between brothers, which honors the legacy of our esteemed ancestors: promoting the collaborative spirit and deepening traditional knowledge.

Our vision of a sustainable world combined with our passion for wool has brought us here. We research, establish contacts, develop partnerships and encourage the sharing of knowledge.


We believe in a sustainable economy, in balance with the planet.
We encourage research and the sharing of knowledge and traditional knowledge.
We believe in transparency as a transversal value.
We believe in mutual help and partnership relationships.
We are supportive and call our project social responsibility.


We sell Portuguese products in natural or recycled fibers.
We sell in bulk aiming for responsible and sustainable consumption (bulk sales = zero waste)
We promote fair trade.
We promote disused crafts: knitting, crochet and weaving.
We promote integration and social support in various areas of the country.


Value the quality of national raw materials;
Produce with high efficiency and quality parameters;
Value the know-how of the people and partners who work with us;
Unite technical innovation and the recovery of ancestral knowledge;
Minimize our environmental footprint in the production system.