Het leukste event voor breien en haken

Isabell Kraemer

…in the beginning of the creative processes there is often chaos….

Chaotic, sometimes nerve-racking, tiny, cluttered with laughter lines, all-loving, creative, too less time to get all the ideas out of my head, always with a sketch-book or even some scrappy paper (sometimes a paper-napkin must do the job), no fashion victim, but I love all things related to fashion!
I am a lucky married girl and mother to a 21 years old ‘boy’, living in a small medieval town in the south-west of Germany.

Heavily influenced by our beautiful surrounding nature, my aim is to design everyday items for modern knitters – casual with a little twist.

“Isabell is known for creating garments with seamless, top down construction (often with fantastically executed stripes), we love that her designs are casual, enjoyable and non-fussy to knit, and easily flattering to a range of body types. Isabell has a knack for taking the simplest of elements, working them into classic shapes, and creating a fresh take on the everyday sweater.”
She is also a designer for Quince & Co.

You can visit her website or follow her Instagram account.
Her patterns are for sale on her Ravelry account.

Lecture – The Designer Life of Isabell Kraemer
Workshop – Een echte Knit-In met Isabell