Het leukste event voor breien en haken

Evelien Verkerk – ‘Nederlands Gebreid’ (Dutch Knitware)

Evelien Verkerk is besides a very good knitter, also engaged in researching designs in Dutch museum collections, for a long time now.
She visits this museum depots and may examine documents rarely been seen publicly. She also collects old knitting books from before 1920 and tried out the patterns themselves, as much as possible with material similar to what was used previously. She blogs about it and makes contemporary translations into patterns that they make available on its website.

Evelyn will give a lecture on her quest for museum treasures in the knit area. She shows many pictures so you get an idea of ​​the sophistication of the fabric from the 19th century, but also older. She tells how she used the inspiration from museum pieces to create patterns. Her passion is to keep the craft of knitting alive. Of course she brings some old knitwear, and it is possible to see her,  now more than 2 meters long, knitted sampler of one of the oldest Dutch catalogs up close.

Evelien gives this lecture only once on Friday. There may be 50 people (full = full) will listen and watch for free.

Friday May 19, 2017 from 14:00 until 15:00 o’clock
Location:Workshopruimte 3
The entrance for the lectures is free, no need to register