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Christel Smallegange – Portugese Knitting

With this method of knitting, the thread lies around your neck or over a special knitting pin that you attach to your clothes on your left shoulder. The thread goes over your right middle finger.
This creates a kind of leverage effect, which ensures an even thread tension.

With your right hand, insert the needle into the next stitch and pass the thread over the needle by moving your left thumb. Because the thread is at the front of your work, you knit your straight stitches slightly differently than you are used to and the purl stitches are suddenly very quick and easy. That is also the reason why people prefer to purl with Portuguese knitting!

The biggest advantage of this way of knitting is that it is less stressful for your neck and shoulders. Its highly recommended for people with neck, shoulder and arm complaints.

During this workshop you learn the basics of Portuguese knitting. We are going to learn how to cast on, how to knit ribs (knit all stitches, as well as purl all stitches), how to knit carter stitch, inc and dec and last of course cast off.

Difficulty: This workshop is suitable for beginners, average and advanced knitters. Because it is a completely different way of knitting, this technique is equally new for everyone.

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Date: Friday 27 March 2020 from 13:30 to 16:30
Location: Wolkenfabriek 3
Language: Dutch
Homework: None
What to bring: Some circular knittingneedles or sockneedles (3 – 3,5 mm)
Max. number of participants: 12
Price: Early bird pre-sale € 40.00 including a dayticket to the Festival (click on ‘Buy your ticket’ below). The price at the register € 45.00 including entrance to the Festival.
Including: The knitting pin, hand-out and some left over yarns to practice, a Festival notebook and a pen.

Tip : Because in the beginning you still have to get used to the technique, it is advisable not to wear delicate items of clothing, such as a silk blouse.
In principle, the knitting pin leaves no trace, but to practice it is better to take the certainty into account!

Christel Smallegange – Portugees Breien

vrijdag 27 maart

€ 40.00 inclusief dagticket