The Biggest Knitting and Crocheting event in Holland

Majo van der Woude -Patches embroidered with leftover wool

Patches are fun, with patches you can distinguish yourself by making a statement. Stick or sew them on your sweater, cardigan, (denim) jacket or bag for a unique look. And with creating patches you can also use up your leftover wool.

In this workshop I will show you a number of possibilities to make patches with leftover wool (but of course you can use any leftover yarn for this).
We wil go into:

* different techniques of embroidering patches (on felt, on canvas, on leftovers of fabric)
* some simple embroidery stitches like stem stitch, satin/flat stitches, daisy stitch, feston stitch and French knot
* the finishing of a patch

And then we get started with embroidering your own patch.

The teacher: Majo van der Woude started with embroidery when she went to primary school.
She took many classes in the Netherlands and abroad, and now also online, to learn all different kinds of embroidery-techniques techniques.Embroidery means to her:
doing it (create/make your own)
learning (technology/stiches/crafts in other cultures/inspiration)
studing it (historical context/preservation of ancient techniques)
being together and collaborating with peers (encouraging each other and learning from each other) and providing balance/rest as opposed to today’s busy society.

Majo’s message is that the important thing is that you have fun creating/making something.
In 2015 she started her company Tree of Needlework (www.treeofneedlework.nl) where she want to bring together supply and demand in the craftsworld. In that context she also teaches embroidery workshops and courses.

Date: Friday 11 October 2019 from 11:30 to 12:30 and Saturday 12 October 2019 from 13:30 to 14:30
Location: Workshopplein 2
Language: Dutch
Homework: No
What to bring: Nothing
Max. number of participants: 8
Price: € 12,50 (incl. materials)
Register: You can register for this workshop by sending an email to info@treeofneedlework.nl mentioning day + time slot. During the day you can take part in the workshop if there are spots available. Do make sure you are present 5 minutes before the worshop starts.