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Christel Smallegange

Norwegian Knitting

My name is Christel Smallegange. My passion for knitting started when I was just four years old. As my mother thought I was a still a little too young to be playing with needles, she taught me to crochet instead. I enjoyed that a lot, but once I finally started knitting at the age of seven, that’s when I really fell in love. I’ve been knitting ever since, although there have been times in my life where it was necessary to put knitting on the back burner for a while.

When I was about forty years old, I caught the knitting bug again and I started designing bags and shawls for my local wool store ‘Koperdraadje’. Recently I’ve also been creating designs for my own page (ChrizKnitz) on Ravelry.

Also, because of my passion for Nordic Fair Isle cardigans, I’ve ‘accidentally’ gotten into translating knitting patterns. For the last year and a half, I’ve been translating the knitting patterns by Sidsel Janne Høivik from Norwegian to Dutch, and I’ve also done some translations for Norwegian designer Kari Hestness and English designer Chrissie Day.

Now, I also teach workshops on decorating your knitwork and giving it the finishing touch, using Sidsel Janne Høivik’s method – with her consent, of course.

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Ravelry as ChrizKnitz.

Class – Portugese Knitting
Class – Fair Isle