Het leukste event voor breien en haken

Chrissie Day


‘My name is Chrissie Day and I live in the bleak but beautiful North Pennines where I write, design and enjoy the outstanding landscapes I live in.

I like to know the provenance of the materials I work with and to this aim I created my own yarn range from the sheep sharing this landscape. Using the marvellous Blue faced Leicester and all the yarn is from the same flock and same clip,this adds to the beauty of this fibre. Zwartbles add the chocolate /peat colour to my palette and if I mix any fibre I get my lovely earth colour.

I am the author of several knitting books and an avid ‘Doubleknitter ‘ which is knitting a 2 faced piece of material in either a single or multi colours any. I teach this technique and will be teaching at the Fano Strikk Festival in Denmark again this year.Later in the year will find me running classes at the Loch Ness Knitting Festival.’

Chrissie’s classes are in English.

Here you can see her website.
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Her patterns are for sale on Ravelry.

Class – Moebius Knitting
Class – Double Knitting for Beginners
Class – Geometry of the Shawl